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JoinIn App makes it easy for people to contribute to changing the world, their world, your own world. It is for global people who live local. JoinIn App facilitates collaboration between people that are ready to use some of their time and skills to help other people, organizations, their community, or causes around them. Take the initiative.

We at JoinIn believe that the world is a community of over 7 billion people who are all interconnected. We are creating a borderless network which brings people together.


The JoinIn

All sectors of society play an important role in the impact we will have on our future. Together we are creating a multitude of initiatives that jointly have the power to face the complicated problems that are so common in our communities and worldwide. JoinIn is a powerful alliance involving the integrated efforts of people, society, business and governments. Many one small steps at a time, change our world. All these parts together make JoinIn – make it possible.

are the drivers of society. Instead of accepting the problems we see and let them be; a simple and small step to become active is all that is needed

Civil Society Organizations and NGOs

provide invaluable services to society and make it possible for many of us to do good.


are the economic engine of society and can also be a significant driving force in solving social problems; growing responsible business and corporate volunteering activities.


make the public policies that address the needs and aspirations of society, jointly finding solutions, and promoting participation.

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about JoinIn

Las universidades representan un gran motor de cambio y crecimiento en la sociedad, es por ello que nos alegramos de que La Universidad Francisco de Vitoria sea la primera en pasar a formar parte de la comunidad JoinIn

"Queremos que la gente se enganche a cambiar el mundo" Presentación de Joinin a los diputados de Segovia en @LoomHouseMadrid


How can you benefit
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The JoinIn mobile App is available 24/7 and helps you find a wide and personalized range of initiatives filtered by profile matching. You have the possibility of creating your own initiatives, evaluate others and organizations and create your volunteering / social responsibility CV.

Finding and managing talent, active participants, volunteers is no easy task, right? With JoinIn, your initiatives will be visible to everyone who is interested in what you are doing, anywhere in the world and around the clock. Once people’s interest has been sparked and they have applied through their smartphone, you may filter participants by chatting directly with them in the App. Innovative engagement for all in the JoinIn community.

The best businesses in the world have understood that making it possible for employees to engage as corporate volunteers with the communities and civil society around them adds tremendous value to society, employees and the business. JoinIn allows your company, even if you are a small business - to create and manage a complete corporate social responsibility program.

Understanding the nature of the community engagement and the civil society activities in your town or city and thereby creating a map of social needs and promoting engagement is what you can find in JoinIn.


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