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  • Download and Install app
  • Create user and login
  • Set filters according to interests
  • Find opportunities and check for fit with your skill set and availability
  • Enroll in an initiative with 1 click (organizer approves from website)
  • Arrange final details directly with organizers and rate them afterwards
We would like JoinIn to be active as soon as possible in all countries, contact us here in order to let us know from which country you are so we can build a network to open up JoinIn in your country.
The categories represent key areas of work and most of them come from the globally approved Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) . On 25 September 2015, all countries in the United Nations approved these goals to be implemented by 2030.
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We believe that the best solutions to the complicated problems society faces today arise precisely from those who have to face these adversities on a daily basis. Most people who dedicate their time and efforts to this type of activity continue to do this for many years, since this has proven to be a great source of self-realization, building citizenship by making people a part of the solution to the problems around them. More than accomplishing a set of tasks by giving your time and efforts, you will be responsible for creating the future you want for yourself and the people around you.
The organizer of each project holds full responsibility for the legality of the initiative and all the activities involved, abiding by all the laws of the country where they are promoted. If you are not sure, please consult with us by clicking here. Everyone 18 (15) years and older who wants to contribute positively to their community can participate.
Everyone can participate when the App from the App Store and Google Play stores is downloadable in your country. If the App is not downloadable in your country contact us here. In order to participate in or create activities, everyone over the age of 18 (15) can actively participate in JoinIn, but the organizer of each project is responsible for selecting those volunteers who they consider to be the best suited to their activities, being able to accept or refuse participation at their discretion..
You will be automatically sent a message informing you of all the next steps

Civil Society Organizations (NGOs, universities, associations, cooperatives and other groups)

JoinIn is the perfect platform to manage projects in your organization that are in need of support – be it from volunteers or financial supporters. This will provide your organization with the power to accomplish more of what it is good at doing by worrying less about finding human talent, fundraising and other administrative tasks, in addition to connecting your organization to a global network of people who are aligned with your vision of a better, more responsible and engaged future.
  • Sign up via website
  • Send documents (JoinIn staff approves)
  • Select free or paid plan
  • Create opportunities specifying all time, skill and other requirements
  • Accept or refuse potential volunteers and arrange details directly with them, rating them afterwards
  • Receive statistics from concluded projects and translate them into relevant organizational knowledge
Register your organization here (enlace a página de registro) and then load up the activities and volunteer needs you have onto the platform.
You can register your organization here
JoinIn has been developed to support participation by all three sectors of society – Government, Businesses and Civil Society, supporting projects, programs and activities, and citizen initiated activities that are aligned with our principles. All activities should be for the common good and cannot support negative, violent and illegal activities (such activities will not be approved for publication, and those that are, are subject to removal from JoinIn upon receiving a complaint from users). Volunteering for political parties is also not allowed through JoinIn. Companies cannot use JoinIn for merely commercial activities, but only for CSR programs and projects.


Whether or not your company currently has a Corporate Volunteering Plan, JoinIn has the potential of giving your company’s initiatives in favor of a more sustainable future the visibility they deserve, by placing them in a context of millions of users and generating reports of your contribution to this future, by means, for example, of the Sustainable Development Goals established by the United Nations for the year 2030. This is not merely a means of promoting your company’s image – by improving the social and environmental context your company is inserted in, you are creating the bases for sustainable business practices that can provide long-term success for your products and services. Furthermore, new markets can be unveiled where previously no opportunities were visible. This is the edge your company needs to head confidently into a rapidly changing global market. Last but not least, business knowledge is created from valuable insights into statistics that can maximize the impact of your projects.
You can register your company here and start a free, one-month trial. If JoinIn works for you, there is a license fee that can be paid in a monthly or yearly basis. The Company website will then give you the opportunity to upload initiatives or select from existing initiatives of other organizations, reach out to your employees and start the programme. Reporting will be generated through the platform.
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JoinIn has specific communication material you can use to reach out to your employees. All your employees should download the App. Then the activities can begin.
JoinIn has been developed to support non-governmental and community organizations as well as companies and local governments to support projects, programs and activities, and citizen initiated activities. All activities should be aligned with the JoinIn principles and contribute to one or more of the SDGs and cannot support negative, violent or illegal activities (such activities will be taken down from JoinIn). Volunteering for political parties is also not allowed through JoinIn. Companies cannot use JoinIn for merely commercial activities, but only for CSR? programs and projects.


A well-informed government is capable of making decisions that are not based on guesswork and eliminate a lot of the risks involved in a trial-and-error approach to policy making. Big data analyses can reveal the most pressing social problems, the extent to which people are paying attention to them, and even make real-time monitoring of specific situations possible. The development of events such as refugee crises and responses to natural disasters can have powerful knowledge unveiled by the data mined from our databases.
JoinIn makes it possible for governments at all levels (local/regional/national level) to enter the platform as a data user. Following this link governments can register in the platform and gain access to the following types of datasets, among many others that can be tailored to your specific needs:
  • Detail about the types of NGOs (including the names of the NGOs and the SDG areas they are working in) active in the city/region/nation
  • Detail about the number of citizens that join projects and initiatives offered by NGO´s/Associations in a specific region
  • Detail about the SDG areas and geographical regions that are most active
  • Detail about popular initiatives that are proposed directly by citizens (including geolocation, SDG category)
  • Regions along the trajectory of a refugee that are most likely to provide assistance, and areas of greatest risk for them, bottlenecks in public presence along these trajectories, and other insights about these phenomena
  • Profile of those more active in participatory citizenship and the best ways to engage them in finding solutions to social problems
  • All information about users is anonymous indicating only the type of user